Interview with Ricardo Robles – Concept Artist


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Ricardo Robles Ganexus

How and when did you start your career?

Are you a gamer, what kind?

I’ve always been attracted by games with a fantastic component, horror, creatures and monsters, and I don’t like realistic war games like Call of Duty at all. ^^

What is your creative process when you are designing characters?

I try that the story and personality of each character has a weight in their appearance, that’s why the briefing and information about their background is very important.

A character living in a post-apocalyptic environment is undoubtedly a survivor, he has had bad days and has had to adapt to the terrain, probably his posture is somewhat hunched and he carries certain types of weapons made with pieces he has found, maybe he is missing some limbs or is covered with burns and scars…

What does he do?
What does he do, does he collect scrap metal in a cart in which he hides a folding machine gun, does he have a small robot companion, all these features and components make the character more believable and it is worth investigating everything that surrounds him to make the design appealing and memorable.

Thank you so much for sharing your insides Ricardo!