Gamers.Online sponsored MLEM Tournament!


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A first person report by Nicholas Sparkman an ambassador and spokesperson of Gamers.Online.

A gamers experience

The tournament from joining to finishing

How to join the Gamers.Online MLEM Tournament

First and foremost is the way that you enter into a tournament. You search for “Open Matches” on G.O and it will show you any games or tournaments that are upcoming or looking for players. From there, on the tournament’s dashboard, you can see the host, the number of players in the tournament, and the number of seats available.

The last part was a little nerve-racking being one (if not the only) U.S. based person in their channel who doesn’t speak Spanish. Those nerves were relieved when RDJ responded to me in English and assured me that I would be ready to go for the tournament though.

The tournament experience

On game day, this did pose a bit of an issue since the first two matches I was assigned had players that didn’t show. I wasn’t sure if they were late, got busy, or if I would be waiting indefinitely. Luckily, BGA picked up on it and advanced me into the third round automatically (I promise, I did want to play those matches) so I was left to watch the other matches.

I took that strategy into my first game and it paid off, leading me into the final. On my second to last turn in the final, I had everything going for me and thought that my parachute cat would let me land even if the ship crashed, and then the ship crashed and I lost my cat… Still not sure what the issue was there, but it lost me the game. You can see the video of my final moments on the G.O Instagram and TikTok… Needless to say, I was a little hurt that I lost the game by ONE POINT

And the winner is

Diego from @RDJ explaining how to close a match in Gamers.Online platform in the latest online tournament we sponsored on 11th May. He explains how to add the participants in their winning positions, how they get XP points and how they are now part of a world ranking of MLEM Space Agency in Gamers.Online platform. You know what’s the best? That you can do the same when you play your favourite games with friends and family! And If you don’t have someone to play, you can find gamers through Gamers.Online! We have you covered 😎 #onlinetournament #bga #gamersonlineplatform #gamersonlineapp #findgamers #xppoints #worldranking

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What can be improved:

In-App Brackets: BGA offers real-time looks at the bracket of the tournaments which is a really fun and interesting feature. Eventually, I think it would be amazing to see something similar on Gamers.Online for tournaments that are not on BGA. Personally, I would love to host a multi-round/day tournament of Dune: Imperium but as of right now, will have to make the brackets myself and figure out how to monitor people who don’t show up for their matches. Something in the app to help track this would be amazing! (The tournament mode is in development 🙂 )

Requirement Links: For ease of use, I would love to see hyperlinks present in the places that are required for me to participate. Obviously, Gamers.Online isn’t required if you’re finding it there, but having accessible links to the Discord server, BGA server, etc. would be super useful in a specified “Requirements” section of the tournament’s dashboard. (The functionality is available, but currently threatened by a mean bug…)

Prizes Section: This tournament offered some prizes for the winners that included some Amazon Gift Cards. I don’t recall seeing anything on the tournament page relating to prizes, but I think it could be a wonderful addition so people know what they’re competing for! (Are part of the tournament mode)

Regardless of winning or losing, it was nice to share the experience with people who I knew were outside of my area and country. I think the best part about Gamers.Online is that it really is a way to make genuine connections over shared experiences like this tournament. I immediately sent a friend request to the winner of the tournament and know that if I ever want a rematch I can reach out even if we don’t speak the same language. I think that having a centralized platform that unites all of the ways we enjoy gaming is a really unique and special thing. I’m excited to compete again, and hope to see you all there!

We’re all gamers here! Happy gaming!

-Nicholas Sparkman