Gamers.Online Android App is live


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Gamers, we have great news!

🎉Finally, we finished the Beta phase of the Gamers.Online Android App 🎉

If you do not have a Gamers.Online account, you can download the app to register to our gamer’s community:

Are you facing the same problem than thousands of gamers worldwide, to find other likeminded players? The Gamers.Online community is there for you!

By joining the community, you can start finding other gamers in a nontoxic way. Simply use our search to scan for gamers of the same interests than you. Some of the filters you can find gamers:

  • by location, where they are (maximum distance of 100km)
  • by skill preferences in their profile like board games, pc games, mobile games, rpg, etc…
  • by game, look up your prefered game and find out who is also playing it
  • by badge, currently we have two badges, one for our beta testers and one for content creators that joined our community

Features, currently only available on the app:

Push notifications!

Any feedback is welcome! We need your help to build the best experience for all gamers.

Please use the Google Play feedback channels or our discord support server:

Game On!