We need the input of gamers. Why do you ask yourself? What do you get out of it? What do we get out of it?

Why the polls: we are in the process of preparing something. From gamers for gamers. Of course, as gamers, we have an idea of what we need, especially when it comes to accompanying our hobby with digital aids. However, we do not only want to reflect our needs, but also take into account different gamer interests. For this we need your input

What do you get out of it: Answering a questionnaire takes about 6 minutes. If you want, you can give us an email and a shirt size in the questionnaire “For all gamers”. As a result, you will take part in the raffle of some goodies, especially shirts and hoodies of the “ First Edition”. Even if you are not lucky here, you do not go away empty-handed: every voice matters. Your input therefore incorporates the detailed design of

What do we get out of it: Your answers help us to better adapt the services and functions that we prepare for you – which, by the way, will be free for you – to your needs. The results are therefore evaluated exclusively by our team and not passed on to anyone else. As you can see, we also do not ask for any personal information from you – apart from the email, if you want to participate in the raffle.

*** There are no active polls at the moment, please check back in a few days ***

We have a few more questions for content providers and games publishers. Again, of course, it’s about gamers and the online interactions you have with gamers.