Na`Vi got elliminated from TI8 open qualifiers

        Natus Vincere  lost both The International 8 open qualifiers. For the first time Na`Vi were crushed by team Espada with famous CIS players like “ILTW” who played on WESG tournament with 4 players of and “Nix” who left Team Empire not so long ago. Anyway the “born to win” still had a chance to get in closed qualifiers, but they missed this chance. In second open qualifiers Na`Vi lost in 1/16 to team “imagine hehe”, who is 2-day team of popular matchmaking  players such as “ALOHADANCE”.

        Unfortunately, the winners of The International 2011 won't take a part even in Closed Qualifiers. This occasion attracted substantial media attention in DotA 2 community. There is a commentary of Na`Vi CEO Yevhen “HarisPilton” Zolotarev:

        “I'm sorry, its shame. Guys did  their best, but this roster is like body without head and its all on me and my decisions, even if players sometimes don’t give us a lot of options in decision making. Anyway i'm responsible for the result. I will let u know about the future of team on the next week.”

(link to tweet

       Nobody knows what will happen with Na`Vi  Dota roster, we only can wait information by management and also wish to all Na`Vi  fans to be patient and wait for the “New Era”.

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