Everyone knows that your average gamer is basically an unathletic loner who spends most of his (cause it’s usually a him right?) time playing video games in Mom and Dad’s basement or posting vaguely “Alt-Right” memes on 4chan.


Wait, what? That’s a gross exaggeration? Ok, well turns out that despite the few who conform to the stereotype, the vast majority of video game enthusiasts can tan under the sun, have little trouble making friends, and live fulfilling professional, social and family lives.


As things would have it, not only are gamers some of the most caring, most community-oriented people out there, we’ve also pioneered virtual community life. This unique culture which came out of the gaming arcades of the 80s quickly transgressed onto the Internet. Early international gaming servers made it possible for Gamers to establish friendships across cultures and borders. This unique form of solidarity continues to this day, with gamers creating spontaneous digital hangouts to share local game-related news, organise meetups, contests and help each other out.


Great Gamers is a community-driven industry news portal which honours this tradition by maintaining an open, decentralised format for news diffusion and interaction. Gamers, insiders, and enthusiasts alike are free, nay, encouraged, to contribute updates about their local gaming scenes, share their ideas about their favourite professional esports competitions, organise meetups, or just network with like-minded people. As a portal created by gamers for gamers, we don’t take sponsorships from big names in the industry, so our content is always fresh, insightful and honest.


GG isn’t just your usual gaming news portal. We encourage engagement with news, not just consumption. We want you to read our news, share it with friends, call us out when we got it wrong, and share your own pieces on topics that you care about. No subject is too boring, or too specific. If you’re proud that you and your buddies created first-ever Starcraft 2 competition in your small Indonesian village, our French readers want to know! Your gamer friends are raising money to help your local orphanage? We want to hear about that too! GG is the only platform out there that gives the local the same level of importance as the global.


As GG is community-driven, our Great Gamers Awards competition is highly dependent on user input. Stay tuned for announcements relating to the GG Awards in the near future and get your voting finger ready. Welcome to the most interactive place on the Internet for everything gamer.


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