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Writing and sharing an article on Great Gamers

1 year ago

You have logged into Great Gamers for the first time, read a few artricles and feel that it's time to start sharing your own creations?

Fear not, contributiong to Great Gamers is easy and rewarding!


How do I contribute?

Simply click the "Contribute" button on the right newt to your profile options. You will be sent straight to the Article Writing tool in your Dashboard. Here you will be able to share your thoughts, pictures and videos in a classic text writing tool. 

We are improving all the GG website as we go and, though some of the options may not be as user friendly as we want them, this will be improved in the near future. Hopefully, what is available today will still allow you to share almost all you want with the Great Gamers community.


I've writen an article, how do I publich it?

At any time, you can Save your article with the button below that will save a copy in your dashboard but not publish it: only you will be able to see it and you will be able to continue working on it or change it as you go.

If you are happy with your article and want to share it with the community, first hit the "Save & Preview" button to see what your article will look like. You will then be given the options at the bottom of your screen to continue editing your article or publishing it.

If you opt to publish it then congratulations are in order: you have just writen your first article on the Great Gamers website! Make sure you share it with your friends on social media to get their feedback =)


How do I change or delete an article?

To change or delete an article, go to your Dashboard by clicking on your avatar at the top right of the website. Then go to the Manage Articles tab in the left hand menu: here you will see all the articles you have been working on, published or unpublished.

As well as information on the views and comments on each article, you will find two small buttons on top of each of them: "Delete Article" or "Edit". These will enable you to apply any modification you may want to your articles.



1 year ago