Red Bull announces partnership with Ninja and special upcoming Fortnite event

Cover photo credit: Red Bull.



As you may have already heard, or seen from the man’s Twitter itself, Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins is now partnered with Red Bull Esports. The most subscribed streamer on Twitch, the E3 Fortnite pro-am winner and now Red Bull esports athlete; many titles that reflect the success and achievement of the 27 years old Twitch star.


On the 17th of June both Ninja and the Redbullesports’ Twitter account made the announcement with a short 30-second video where we can see Ninja backlit, head down, walking up to the camera before stopping and putting on his bandana like he does everyday on stream. That’s when he looks up to reveal the bandana with his logo in between the Red Bull one. We don’t know for how long this partnership had been planned but Ninja could already be seen sipping on the energy drink from his mini Red Bull fridge he had set up a few months’ back; but what’s for sure is that Ninja won’t be lacking a refill anytime soon.


Leveraging the announcement, Red Bull Esports advertised its first step into the Fortnite: Battle Royale world with a tournament that will take place in Chicago on the 99th floor of the Willis Tower. As its name suggests, the Red Bull Rise Till Dawn will last an entire night, from 8:21 p.m on July 21 till 5:35 a.m the next day precisely, making it the first Fortnite tournament to adopt such a format. In teams of two, players will compete to earn the most points at the sunrise, gaining points from their placement in the game, as well as from the number of other players the team managed to eliminate. Ninja will of course be participating and similarly to his Ninja Vegas 18’ event back in April, his teammate and own death will grant 5 points to the team that kills them.


The event is already sold out and doesn’t feature any spectators passes or access but don’t worry because you’ll still be able to catch the action on Ninja’s stream.

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