Eefje Depoortere

31 y.o.
Short bio

Eefje "sjokz" Depoortere started as an interviewer for SK Gaming and CyberSportsNetwork. She hosted a weekly League of Legends news recap show called Summoners Recap. She got into gaming approximately 11 years ago, playing iCTF in Unreal Tournament '99. She competed in several LANs and even won the Eurocup with the Belgian national team a couple of times. Found her way into the League of Legends scene through an SK/ESFI World ad looking for a "League of Legends editor." Worked as a part of The Summoners Recap, one of the first shows associated with League of Legends. Sjokz gained more visibility in the scene as she took part in Travis "Tnomad" Gafford's weekly show "Whose League is it anyway ?" She also went to Korea to cover the OGN championship at the same time as Travis did. Sjokz is the Host for the European League Championship Series in Cologne, Germany. When the move to Berlin was announced, Sjokz left ESL and signed on with Riot in order to continue hosting the EU LCS. - Bio from Gamepedia