DreamHack Open Summer: a chance for the everyman gamer to shine?

BREAKING NEWS: We at GG hired a team of scientists to confirm our theory that people can’t be in two places at the same time. Turns out, they can’t. *SCIENCE*.

That’s good news for the 8 teams competing at DreamHack Open Summit in Jönköping, Sweden. We already talked about how some of the biggest names in CS:GO will be battling it out in the Brazilian heat at ESL Belo Horizonte on that very same weekend.

Without the likes of FaZe Clan, Team Liquid or Mousesports busy committing virtual genocide across the digital battlefields of CS:GO, audiences might be pleasantly surprised to see some new faces rise to prominence for a change.

With last week’s announcement that OpTic has accepted the organiser’s invitation to the competition, the roster is now complete. The Danish team’s freshly assembled lineup will finally receive their baptism of fire later this month. The squad, which currently ranks globally at 22nd place will be battling against teams which are pretty evenly matched with median rankings between 10th and 20th place.

The Kazakh team Gambit, which currently leads the pack, has a lot to prove. Despite dominating maps like Cache or Overpass, they don’t seem to have unlocked the secrets of Dust 2 or Cobblestone, the latter of which, lucky for them, won’t be on the game list for this competition.

North, hailing from Denmark, has a pretty good track record when it comes to LAN games, but has never passed the quarter final stage in Major tournaments. This might be their chance to shine. compLexity, North America’s attempt at remaining relevant on the European circuit has a lot of catching up to do. They haven’t made it onto any major scoreboard since they reached the quarter-finals in Katowice back in 2014.

The map pool will include a list of the classic arenas in CSborgo from Inferno, risk atomic war in the Nuke map, soviet-era train yards, and a Berlin Overpass to win the $100 000 grand prize. :GO. Teams will battle across the abandoned soviet warehouses of Cache, the beautiful persian-style mosque in Dust-2, the Yemeni-inspired mud brick village in Mirage, the scenic Tuscan

With the teams pretty evenly matched, and the lack of CS:GO superstars, DreamHack Open Summit might actually be interesting this year. Audiences will be in for drawn out, gritty matches where skills, accuracy, reflexes and above all, teamwork will make the difference between life and death. Tickets starting at 600 000 Kr (that’s $95 in real currency) can be purchased here; and judging by the photo, the after party will be sickkkkkkk.

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